Fresh Meat aftermath

7 05 2009

I am mentioned (by penname) in this here article.   I am rather proud of this.  Megan, Allison, Pat, Hanni, and a few others are mentioned as well.  Hurray for being noticed!

As for MoCCA- I have to decide a few things.  I would really like to spend the time to make some nice, fresh covers for the Waldgrave Manor Issues I have finished, and I’d also like to print out some more copies of ManEatingTiger.  Unfortunately, these both require time and money, two things which I am tight on at the moment.  So, for the moment, nothing is settle; I still need to decide exactly what I am bringing to MoCCA.  Unfortunately, I will probably not have any new material ready in time, but I still look forward to the event.


Tigers, and the Men That Eat Them

27 04 2009

So right now I am working hard to finish up my anthology comic by tomorrow, Man Eating Tiger, or Man-Eating Tiger.

These’re the covers, I’m rather proud of them-

Planning to sell these at Fresh Meat, and also probably at the MoCCA Art Festival.

oh man, it has been a while

23 04 2009

well. Sophomore year is almost over, and I am EXHAUSTED.

Got me a twitter:

Fancy, right?

School, NYAF, and such.

25 09 2008

Ooh, been a while since I posted here.

Annnnyway I’ve really been enjoying being back in New York.  The two weeks I spend as an OL were great, and I made a lot of friends in other majors that I wouldn’t have been otherwise able to meet.  Also, I got a free mohawk!  Yay!

So this weekend is the New York Anime Fest, and I will be helping to run SVA’s booth.  I am sooo excited to finally be on the other side of the table as an exhibitor, even if I am doing it through the school!  😀  Megan and I will be selling issues of Starry Knights at the table, as well as a whole slew of other excellent comics and prints from SVA students.

All in all, things have been going pretty well for me lately, even if I am swamped with tons of work.  It’s a good kind of work.

Sophomore Year

27 08 2008

Okay, so… I am ridiculously excited about starting all my classes.  Summer break was just waaaay too long; I missed the city, I missed my friends, I even missed the work…!  I’m… a little bit nervous about Woodruff’s class, I have heard so many things about the man (he’s brilliant, he’s nuts, he’s a hardass, he’s rude, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he makes kids cry, he brings out the best in his students, etc.) that I don’t what to think.  But… I wil just have to make my own opinions for myself, I guess.  That’s as usual, anyway.  I will deal with it, either way.

I am also looking into a job at the school’s library… I think that a work-study thing will be much better for me than the Duane Reade, because in addition to my managers NOT BEING HUGE DICKS they will understand that I’m a student.. and have to do student-things… and will not give me shifts to working during class time (something which DR did to both me and another student working there… jerks.)  So yeah.  And if not the library, then hopefully somewhere else that is work-study.  Yup.  The mons is goods.  😀

Ohhhh I am so excited for this year.  Yay!  XD


16 08 2008

I find this to be ridiculously awesome… how come I hadn’t heard of these guys before?

Emmy Cicierega

2 08 2008

I am fairly certain that I love everything that this girl makes.

Bonus:  Emmy is the younger sister of Niel Cicierega, creator of Potter Puppet Pals.